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The cost behind the cleaning

Updated: Jan 5

While most residential windows tend to look the same way for all homes, not all have the same attention to detail. A typical average window cleaning outside only starts at an average $8 with light cleaning around frames and seals. Always expect to pay more per level and difficulty to clean as it adds a challenge to window technicians and safety for the project. As a window cleaning professional, I have come across windows covered by thorn bushes, unable to reach areas, furniture, bee nests and much more. This challenge is not the only one faced by a window cleaner this days. As we clean sometimes we find windows that have stickers, flyers, and hard water stains that requires other tools and extra cleaning. When you hire a cleaning company, it is good to know what you are paying for. You deserve to know details to what the project is and what will take place. Next time you want to hire a professional don't hesitate to ask about the project and get details to your service. What makes Clean Blue Skies different for other competitors is the built in communication with clients. We'll do an inspection before hand to let you know more about your windows.

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